Cacao Truffles.

Cacao Truffles.


Not candy, something deeper, Cacao actually is know for its medicinal properties. It is the best plant based source of magnesium on the planet, It is a heart opener, hence the association with love. It is true, eating cacao will increase the amount of blood flowing to the heart. Cacao also de-calcifies the pineal gland, otherwise know as the third eye. So yeah that is correct eating these truffles will open your heart and crack open your third eye. I also have pretty much stopped drinking coffee, for me cacao really gives me the boost I used to search for in espresso. Cacao is also considered a scared medicine within the shamanic world, and is even used in ceremony, the truffles I make are always charged with love and good energy, I suggest adding a little of your own when making them, always makes them more enjoyable to eat



I bought all the ingredients for these truffles at the tinamastes market, from local suppliers all working together to build a beautiful community here in Costa Rica.

vida autenica feria

This should make around 20 good sized truffles, allowing for all the extra ones you will eat on the way!
Something like 35 Raw sun dried cacao beans. More if you like.
(I have to say the raw cacao has infinitely more potency than cooked cacao, I have done a lot of research into this area, and my research shows I dance with 40% greater intensity when consuming raw )
Around 300 grams of cacao powder, standard stuff available at shops, I always check to make sure it is 100% pure, this powder really helps to bring density and firmness and stability to the truffles.
Roughly 350ml of raw cold pressed Coconut oil.
200ish ml of raw honey.


What to do:
Grind the beans on their own in the blender, vitamix, pestle and mortar or what ever you have.
Add the rest, and blend.
Mix the paste together, test its consistency and taste, adjust as needed.
I usually find that I need to add some powder, then I need to add more oil and honey because I added too much powder 😀
You will work it out.
Roll them out in some cacao powder, coconut flakes, Cayenne pepper, seeds or what ever you fancy.
If you would prefer not to use honey you can use dates or raisins or even some banana to add some sweetness. For me I like my truffles to taste earthy and with depth, not overly sweet, but I don’t really consume refined sugar much these days, do what works for you, its a simple recipe, the beauty is in adjusting it to your taste


In these particular truffles I added some habanero peppers, ginger and coconut flakes,for heat, bite and a little texture.
Try eating around 6 truffles and then hit the dance floor, remember, they are good for you right?
If you need a bit of musical inspiration here is a One of my Dj sets from the cacao parties at elemental:
Cacao Mix

Cacao health

Try it with Cacao and Rice flour pasty for an insane tart.

cacao tart.jpg