Elemental Lasagne.

This a pasta less lasagne, it can also be made totally raw following the same steps minus the cooking. If you prefer you can add pasta sheets but its a delicious and substantial dish with out it. I like to serve it with a Arugula and avocado salad topped with a nice avocado, lime, apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing.


For the sauce:

About five medium tomatoes.

Two small/medium onions.

Half a head of garlic.

Balsamic vinegar to taste.

Olive oil.

Basil: a good bunch or two

For the sunflower seed paste:

Sunflower seeds 300g/400g  or cashews.

2 small limes or half a lemon.

Olive oil


Garlic half a head

Some people add nutritional yeast but I am not 100% behind it. I still don’t know what it is really, and I have been told it is MSG like.

Salt, pepper to taste

For the rest:

Around four or five large zucchini and five red peppers. It is also fantastic with eggplant added.

Some basil leaf, rosemary and spinach can add nice touch between layers also.


Start by soaking your sunflower seeds, a few hours is great, or overnight if you really want to help aid digestion, honestly though thirty minutes to an hour is usually enough. Drain the water when you are ready, add the seeds along with half a head of garlic, a splash of lime, olive oil and salt and pepper, add enough water so that you can actually blend it, less water is better. I like to use cashew as well if they are available. Sunflower seeds are much more affordable though.

quesoo.jpgOnce it is at a good thick consistency put it in a bowl and set aside in putting it in the fridge will help it to set. If it is too liquidly use a nut bag or cheese cloth to extract some water, hang on to it though, it makes a lovely topping or base for a dressing.


Take the onions and garlic, slice and dice as finely as possible, add to a warm pan with some olive oil and splash on some balsamic vinegar.


Cook until soft then add the tomatoes, diced. You can add some basil at this point but it really best to add it at the end, so it is nice and fresh. Add salt and pepper to taste. For me balsamic vinegar is really what makes it next level, so add it in splashes, tasting until you hit the sweet spot.

Smudging with sage is not required…. But put some chi in it. Allow it to cook down while you prepare the rest of the dish.


Take the veg and thinly slice into strips, grill it lightly or alternatively roast them. Once done you can take the ingredients and layer them to create the dish..

veggiesAdd the zuchini on the bottom, then tomato sauce, lay on some fresh basil, rosemary and spinach if you have it, add a layer of the red peppers,repeat until you are done. Then top with the sunflower seed paste.


Once complete you can put the whole thing in the oven for thirty minutes at a low heat. Cut and serve, garnish with green onion if you want it to look dead fancy like.


On this dish I also added rosemary sweet potato fries cooked in coconut oil. dinnef.jpg

Alternatively try it uncooked raw!rawstack.jpg

Buen provecho!