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Eating food which does not add to animal suffering can be a pleasure. non violence in action, sustainability.
The aim being actualizing theoretical living into reality.

Vegan, plant based eating being an integral aspect of this existence.
Beautiful, delicious, filling food that is healthy, the direct result of being focused on ethical eating. The awareness of our impact on all around us, including humans, animals and the planet leads to sustainability in all its aspects.

Having worked in every aspect of restaurants for over twenty years: training through doing. Including creating and running a restaurant: Elemental, in Samara, Costa Rica. Head chef at selva armonia sustainable retreat center in Uvita, chef at Pacha Mama, a transformational center near Nosara, Costa Rica. As well as freelance positions for various projects including preparation of food for ceremonies. Chef for the luv burger team  during envision festival and many more.

A background Studying sculpture, photography, graphic design and music production.   Life is a canvas, every plate a creation.
Over nine years of teaching music production, DJing and art as well as English in Costa Rica, along side a lifetime of kitchen experience.
Education is an integral part of the process, learning that eating ethical and healthy food is a enjoyable, feasible and for filling way to live.  Everything on the plate is actively good for you, making you feel better, more energised.

“Ronan Harvey, natively from London, England, has called Costa Rica home for the past four years. He is an experienced chef, having trained in every aspect of the restaurant industry for over
20 years. His specialty is beautiful, filling plant-based meals. Ronan weaves his passion and dedication to a plant-based lifestyle into every dish he prepares. With a background in teaching, he educates each guest along the way that healthy, ethically responsible cooking can be an enjoyable, easy and fulfilling. He believes that cooking can be a practice of ahimsa, the yogic principle of “non-violence” and that eating food doesn’t need to add additional suffering in the world.”


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