Payapa Bowl


I think I tried this first at LuvBurger when they were getting started, it’s a beautiful, delicious and simple brunch. Totally raw, fresh and all local ingredients. Such a great way to start the day 🙂


1 good sized papaya.
1 or 2 bananas
4 or 5 cacao beans. More, if like me you are totally nuts about it. ( I use sun dried, once the cacao is cooked in anyway it looses all its potency in my opinion). The ones I use are available at Samara Organics Mercado & Cafe .
Half a shot glass of dehydrated Coconut flakes.
A little finger of ginger.
If you like you can pour some honey on it in the end, although really its sweet enough.


Cut your papaya in half and scoop out the seeds, put the seeds to one side.
Scatter the coconut over it.
Slice the banana, chuck it on.
Grate the ginger and sprinkle.
Smash the cacao then crumble it on the top.

Done, grab a fork, enjoy

Papaya seeds are very cleansing, they help clear out the system, paralyze parasites, then remove them.
A spoonful first thing in the morning everyday for a week on an empty stomach should do the trick. The seeds do not taste good, like some sort of brutal, intergalactic pepper from beyond reality, I recommend swallowing rather than chewing! Chewing is obviously better for digestion, but you know… 🙂