Yucca flatbread


Yucca flat bread is a traditional dish, known in some places as casabe, I first came to it at PachaMama while I was working as a chef there. The yucca was mixed with oil then baked in the oven, a similar process to the recipe here but we removed the oil and used water to help blend, before straining it out. At elemental we wanted to be 100% gluten free and 100% made from scratch on site, so this was our choice of bread.

One large yucca or two small. (or what ever amount you would like, I think at one point we were using 15 kilos a week at Elemental).
I like to throw some finely chopped green onions in too, but we didn’t have any in the house. A little color and flavor is all.

Take the yucca, peel the skin off, I usually chop the ends off and use the knife to follow the already existing break between the inside and the outer layer. It can be quite tough to break through, think of it as a workout right? Take out the tough inner vein in the center as well.


Once peeled, dice the yucca into small pieces, if you have a strong blender you don’t have to cut them small, it just helps ease the pain on the machine. Add to the blender and pour in the water, just enough to cover the yucca and provide some help mixing. Salt to taste.

Once blended use a cloth to strain out the water, leaving a soft, not overly watery, rough, dough like substance. Grab some wax paper or if you don’t have that a plastic bag cut down ( sorry earth for using plastic, but this is technically recycling eh). make a golfball sized ball and put it between two sheets of wax paper.
Use a chopping board to apply even pressure to the yucca, flattening it.


Take the bread and throw it either on a grill or in this case in an oiled pan, today I used coconut oil and I have to say it really made it taste amazing, buttery and delicious. Highly recommended, not just for flavor but I understand coconut oil is one of the most healthy choices to fry in. Flip, it is done when it is lightly browned, but experiment, it can be soft or even crunchy depending what you like.


Top with something delicious and enjoy! I like to eat it with hummus, simple and yummy. In this case I topped it withgrilled BBQ jackfruit and mango chutney I also tried experimenting with a sweet one scattered with cacao, coconut, ginger, honey and cinnamon. Pretty tasty.

tacos close.jpg