Cacao Ecstatic Dance

Cacao Estatic dance: an exploration of who we are at the deepest level.

Ceremony offers a chance for stillness. Reflection. Through meditation, peace allows us to explore the space between. The area of nothingness where creation and understanding is birthed from. Taking the time to see what is, allows us insight into what can be, setting our intention. Our words, thoughts and actions manifesting into the actuality our lives.

“Think beautifully, speak beautifully, walk beautifully and your life will be beautiful.”

Often we seek to go around what is presented to us. Here we are offered an opportunity to meet it. Move inside and see it from within, integrating the discomfort until we absorb and transmute it.

An alcohol free environment gives us the container to express the true nature of who we are. Moving beyond fear of judgement.

Achemical infusions of ancient plants celebrated for eons within a modern reality in the form of Elixirs, drinks that grow what already exists, actively positive for our health and wellness. Adaptogonic healing tonic alchemy, that is enjoyable as well as beneficial.

An ecstatic dance environment allows us a safe space to explore movement in a way that is not about becoming unconscious rather the opposite. Dance offers an opportunity to literally move through what is holding us back. The freedom to be in true flow, unrestricted. To open and activate within the frequencies of healing music.

It is a wonderful space to feel secure, away from energy that can be experienced in environments that combine alcohol and testosterone. Connection exists, but in a respectful considerate way. An invitation may be offered, non verbally and the response, observed and respected.


A gift from Pacha Mama, Mother earth.

There is an Indigenous myth that shares:

“Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.”

Cacao decalcifies our pineal gland, the third eye, the seat of consciousness. Allowing us clarity and access to our deep internal wisdom and insight. Revealing the inner truth that lies beneath the layers we have woven with our modern busy lives. It is a heart opening medicine activating love through opening the flow of bloom to our heart and activating our love receptors. Through our own healing the planet heals. The earth feels us and we feel her.

Wellness and awareness tools help to create an inner canvas to explore more profound mysteries. Yoga, the art of breath and movement interwoven, active meditation that realigns the physical self to create a framework that can hold and transmute.

Mayan ancestral readings that offer insight into our place in the wider universal flow. The tempest of life that our breathe resides within. To look inwards from outside our own perspective allows a wider map to unfold.

A celebration of life that leaves us invigorated and alive.